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PayUp enables our customers to offer suppliers early payout options without any change in your workflows or processes.

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Over 400 Transactions made in 12 Months. All For Industry Workers
over 150,000+ client all over the world.

Unlock Cash Flow

We provide your suppliers access to early payout options based on their accounts receivables.

Zero Cost

We provide you with access to our APIs for free. All we ask is that you approve your suppliers' invoices on time and pay us back on time.

Revenue Share

We provide your business with a share of the revenue that we earn via early payouts.

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High-touch sales & IT resources in local languages and time zone

Over 400 Transactions made in 12 Months. All For Industry Workers
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Customer Relations

PayUp offers your business customized integrations, which allow you to seamlessly offer your suppliers early payout options. We also offer you a revenue share model to make your goal, our goal.

Gross Volume

60% of gross payment volumes from our partners come through early payouts - that’s a large amount on which your business could be receiving a revenue share from!

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PayUp does a review of your business - annual sales, growth etc

We explore together how to integrate PayUp in your workflow

Once integrated, PayUp can start processing payments to suppliers, and provide your business with a revenue share

Frequently Asked Questions

What does PayUp do?

PayUp enables our customers to offer their suppliers early payout payout options based on their outstanding account receivables. We buy your suppliers' unpaid invoice at a discount and collect the payment from you.

Why should I partner with PayUp over your competitors?

We recognize how hard it is for our customers to change their workflows and processes, so we do not ask you to. Instead, at no cost to you, we create customizable API integrations that fit into your systems. If you do not use a procurement software, thats not a problem either - you can use the PayUp Dashboard! We also provide our customers with a revenue share model based on the revenue earned from the early payout options. We want success at PayUp to mean success at your business.

What is the pricing for the financing?

In order to provide your suppliers with early payout options, PayUp charges a discount fee to your suppliers based on how early they would like to get paid. They will see these options every time they decide to take an early payout, so they are free to change payout terms during or after a payment cycle. We offer discount fees as low as 3%.

The only fee to our customers is a transaction fee of 1.0% (Max $6.00 cap) per ACH Direct Debit transactions for processing payments.

What happens if I’m unable to pay in 30 days?

PayUp would provide a 7 day grace period after which you would be charged an interest rate.

“Using PayUp helps us serve our vendors better by paying them quicker; this would in turn get more workers on board our platform.”

Ops Team

“The ability to offload cashflow is something that would be valuable to ResProp while keeping our worker pool happy.”